Okhttp Interceptor Request Body

The method you need to use is. Chain chain ) throws IOException { Request original = chain. But I get UnsupportedOperationException when I add my interceptor in OkHttpClient. Then sync the project. I plan to extract okhttp-urlconnection into its own standalone project where it can quietly languish and be forgotten. 相信你一定会使用OkHttp来进行网络请求了。但,这只是入门而已。既然是一个大家公认的好的网络请求框架,一定有其独特的一面,不妨多看看源码。. In this article, we’ll explore the option which involves using Interceptors offered by OkHttp to mock an API response. Android Glide + okhttp progress example: MainActivity. 简介 HTTP是现代应用常用的一种交换数据和媒体的网络方式,高效地使用HTTP能让资源加载更快,节省带宽。OkHttp是一个高效的HTTP客户端,它有以下默认特性: